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Founded over 30 years ago, the Servitek story began with the Tremblay brothers, Martin and Michel, who initially specialized in the repair, maintenance and installation of European window products. Their expertise in this field led them to a turning point when a project required weather-stripping for a European window. Faced with this requirement, they set about developing weather-stripping tailored to these windows, demonstrating their ability to innovate in response to market needs. Servitek was born.

First steps in distribution

Their initiative attracted the attention of Schlegel, who quickly recognized the Tremblay brothers’ potential. Schlegel offered to become an official distributor of their products, an offer the Tremblay brothers enthusiastically accepted. Servitek thus became the Canadian distributor for Schlegel products.

From the outset, the Tremblay brothers demonstrated a remarkable ability to identify market needs. When a demand for patio-door hardware arose, they established a fruitful partnership with Fasco to expand their product range. Their collaboration then extended to Acme, resulting in the joint development of products to enhance the Acme range.

Market conquest

Faced with a constantly evolving industry and customers expressing diverse needs, the Tremblay brothers expanded their network of suppliers to better meet these changing requirements. At this crucial stage in the company’s history, Martin devoted himself to collaborating with suppliers, ensuring that Servitek maintained its commitment to innovation and product quality. At the same time, Michel took the initiative to open up more to customers, building relationships based on trust and understanding. Indeed, 2005 marked a major turning point for Michel, who decided to hit the road to meet customers as far afield as the Maritimes. This customer-focused approach has reinforced Servitek’s reputation as a relationship-driven company, combining technical expertise with personal commitment.

A new era

A new chapter in the company’s history begins with its acquisition by Hugo Foussier. This transition was accompanied by a significant name change: Servitek FENESTRATION became Servitek FOUSSIER. While continuing the legacy of the Tremblay brothers and their family culture, which Hugo holds dear, this change marks his desire to relaunch the company to conquer new territories and new product ranges.

FOUSSIER, a family history for almost 80 years


Our origins

After the Second World War, my great-grandfather Maurice Foussier went into the timber trade in Le Mans, France.


My grandfather Jacques, who attended the École Supérieure du Bois, took over from him. He worked extensively in import-export with Sweden and Canada. He then expanded the business to include materials for carcassing and finishing: this was the beginning of ‘‘Établissements Foussier”, 31 Boulevard Pierre Lefaucheux in Le Mans.


In 1980, my father Dominique Foussier, a graduate of Audencia business school, joined his father in the business. Together, they created a highly successful Tiles & Bathrooms business.


Creation of the hardware business in France

In 1984, they came up with the idea of creating a hardware business to complement their materials business. This enabled them to sell materials ‘‘accessories” to their customers. ‘‘Foussier Quincaillerie” was born, across the sidewalk at number 33. It was launched by my mother Sylvie, who ran the business for the first few years. The materials trading business was later sold to the PPR group. My grandfather’s historic store and storage site still exists as Panofrance Le Mans.


The rise of the Group

My father, who ran the Materials business for 10 years, devoted himself exclusively to developing the Hardware business in 1998. Over the past 40 years, the FOUSSIER brand has established itself as France’s leading hardware retailer. Today, it is a group with over 90 stores, 1,700 employees and sales of €500 million by 2023. It is the most dynamic and innovative brand in its sector. To find out more: Who we are.


The beginnings of Hugo Foussier

I joined my father in 2011, after completing my engineering studies at Arts et Métiers and my finance studies at the Sorbonne. Initially, I worked on our Internet and Shop activities, including the creation in 2012 of the website. In 2013, we took over Lyon-based competitor LBA-Thivel. I then moved to Lyon to manage this subsidiary, restructure it and integrate it into the Group. I also played an active role in the takeovers of LBS in 2014, CHIARI in 2016, QTS in 2017, GRAGNIER, FIX-PRO, ELLERS (specialized in the manufacture of removable aluminum partitions) in 2019, and more recently SOFADI in 2023.


Opening up to Canada

In 2016, I married Katie, who was born in Victoria, British Columbia. This is how I discovered this magnificent country, open to others and with an unfailing positivism. It was after many trips back and forth that the desire to create something in Canada arose. Summer 2019 marks a turning point with the departure to Montreal of a trusted collaborator, Thomas Boursier.

From then on, we decided to create FOUSSIER CANADA together, and try our hand at selling hardware in Canada. Franck Robert, who joined the adventure in August 2020, has demonstrated through his excellent work that yes, even despite Covid, our product and service offering is of interest to the Quebec market. He convinced several key players to place their trust in us, and our sales are growing.


Takeover of Servitek FENESTRATION

Convinced that we could offer something complementary and differentiating, our goal was to take over a well-known family business that shared our values. I then had the good fortune to meet Martin and Michel Tremblay. We quickly hit it off, and they handed over the reins of Servitek to me on April 30, 2023. I can’t thank them enough for the trust they placed in me.