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Our story

Servitek Fenestration was founded over 30 years ago by brothers Martin and Michel Tremblay. Since the very start, the founders have prioritized values such as respect, loyalty and a sense of responsibility, while preaching success through innovation. Relying on their expertise and knowledge, they take pride in providing customers with technical support that is both targeted and highly effective.

Over the years, Servitek has constantly innovated, adapted and perfected, earning the company a reputation for exceeding standards. It has become both a leader in the industry and a business that is regarded highly among door and window manufacturers.

With respect for the planet

A responsible business, Servitek has implemented measures and procedures to minimize manufacturing waste and losses as much as possible. We also work to minimize the use of plastic and other materials that are non-recyclable or slow to decompose.

Strategic partnerships

To ensure the quality of our products, Servitek carefully selects our suppliers according to very stringent criteria. Some have been selected for products or materials that they can offer us exclusively and that we can therefore share with you.

* Exclusive within Quebec.