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Method and logistics
Performance from every angle

Our sophisticated inventory system and vast warehouse allow us to keep in stock an impressive quantity and range of parts and, consequently, to respond to your needs fast.


Secure packaging

All of our parts are carefully packed for protection. We pay special attention to safeguarding parts, since we want them to be as perfect when they reach our customers as they were when they left our plant. We also ensure that liquid products (adhesives or other) are packaged securely.


Order today

You can easily order parts previously purchased or designed at Servitek. Production start-up will be much faster, since we will already have the specifications. For new orders, you can list what you need, and we will make an appointment with you to obtain further information and take measurements before designing the product and submitting it for manufacture.


Get it without waiting

Our highly efficient shipping means you’ll receive your parts or accessories within 48 hours of placing your order. We make it our mission to ensure quick delivery so you can meet your production deadlines seamlessly.


Track your parts easily

Each part we sell has its own code to ensure traceability. So, we can faithfully recreate any part based on its change or production profile. This systematic rigour offers our customers – and their customers – many benefits.

Contact our experts
to order or to receive more information.

Contact our experts
to order or to receive more information.