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At Servitek FOUSSIER, trust is the foundation of our relationships, both with our customers and management, and between colleagues. We build and maintain this climate of trust on a daily basis, creating a healthy atmosphere conducive to creativity and self-development.

Each of our employees knows that he or she will have transparent and sincere exchanges with colleagues, with the sole aim of finding the best solution, whatever ideas are formulated and retained.

In the same way, mistakes are never seen as failures, but as a step in the search for the right approach. With our agile method of communication and reflection, all Servitek FOUSSIER teams are involved in the decision-making process.

We take pride in our passion for doing our job well. That’s not to say that all our teams are experts in the world of windows and doors… But they are committed to doing their jobs well every day and leave at the end of the day proud of the quality of the work they’ve accomplished.

Joining Servitek FOUSSIER means BECOMING PART of a committed, passionate team focused on quality, innovation and respect for the environment. Together, let’s be more talented!

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