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The added value of made to measure

Servitek has always made excellence our goal in order to serve our customers well. We constantly raise the bar on quality and quality control. Like you, we appreciate a job well done. And with your collaboration, we can provide you with exactly what you need.

Creativity at work

Based on information about your window systems – be they PVC, wood or aluminum – our engineers can design exactly the part you need, regardless of the type of window.

Slider shoe designed for greater stability

Part that prevents the sash from sagging

The strongest in the industry

Tab greatly increases sturdiness during pullout

Smooth-moving bar

Reversible bar with wider pull-in range

Custom adaptation
A good start

Sometimes, it’s better to adapt existing parts rather than design new ones. Our equipment and expertise combine to ensure you modified parts with as much detailing as custom designed ones.

Dust plugs made to measure

Regardless of the shape or size of dust plugs you need, they will be designed from quality materials, precisely as ordered. Our impressive and exacting manufacturing processes allow us to produce high-performance custom plugs.

Weather stripping

We can easily modify existing products, such as dust plugs or weather seals. Regardless of the shape, size or quantity you need, with or without fins, of a particular colour, etc., our experts will precisely meet your technical specifications to offer you made-to-measure products.

Custom end cuts

To ensure a perfect cut, we take care to choose the weather seal best suited for the application. We then custom cut the ends according to the needs targeted, including the window type. We offer four types of cuts: 45°, custom angle, square with notches, and MC.

MC cut

Custom square cut

45° cut

Custom angle cut

Quality control
Choose rigour

When you’re working to the nearest millimetre, quality control makes sense. Each part we adapt or design and produce is subject to rigorous quality control. This step means you receive top-quality parts, ensuring your products will be, too.

Recognized expertise
The added value of expertise

With over 30 years of experience, Servitek is the best option for producing and adapting custom parts. Our ingenious designers know how to create parts that, besides responding to the needs identified, satisfy for their durability and reliability.

Research and development
Enthusiasm, the source of solutions

The door and window field is evolving rapidly to meet increasingly stringent environmental standards and increasingly exacting consumer demands in terms of aesthetics, functionality, durability and energy efficiency. To constantly offer better products, we’re firmly committed to research and development. To maintain our position as an industry leader, we invest in the present to prepare for the future.

We’re available to advise you.
Our experts can help you choose from our vast selection of door and window components to meet your needs perfectly.

We’re available to advise you.
Our experts can help you choose from our vast selection of door and window components to meet your needs perfectly.