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Hugo Foussier

514 820-3253

Hugo is the President of Servitek FOUSSIER, and always has the right words to motivate us while listening to our needs. He strives to develop both the company and the potential of his employees, asserting his leadership while valuing the contribution of each individual to the results achieved.

Passionate about motorcycling, skiing and mountain biking, Hugo is proud to have married a Canadian!

Franck Robert

Sales director
514 234-4551

Franck, our Sales Director, works closely with our CEO Hugo Foussier. A hard worker with an unfailing versatility, he never forgets the smallest detail in each of his dealings with our valued customers. His role is to ensure the total satisfaction of all our partner customers.

Apart from his coffee addiction, Franck has only one real flaw: he works too much! We regularly advise him to take a kitkat break and go and look after his greatest pride: his beautiful family of 4 children.

Isabelle Simard

Technical sales specialist
450 820-6855

Isabelle is one of our technical sales specialists. Motivated and determined, Isabelle takes customer satisfaction to heart. Her rigor and intellectual honesty are invaluable. Isabelle helps our customers discover all our technical solutions.

Isabelle’s modesty is matched only by the purity of her soul. If everyone were like her, peace would reign on Earth.

Marc Pelchat

Technical sales specialist
514 943-4713

With his wealth of experience, Marc is an asset to Servitek FOUSSIER. He brings a solid reputation and expertise as a technical sales specialist. Marc accompanies customers on a variety of technical projects, drawing on the breadth of his knowledge.

He’s one of the biggest names in the fenestration business. Marc actually fell into the window and door magic potion when he was a kid! Marc is our epicurean: he loves sharing with colleagues and friends over a good meal, fishing, and of course his family… we haven’t yet found out what Marc doesn’t like!

Yvon Gélinas

Customer Service Agent
1 800 870-6692 ext. 234

Yvon, our customer service agent at Servitek FOUSSIER, is dedicated to serving customers directly from head office. Specializing in customer relations, he excels in both service and sales.

Naturally discreet, Yvon makes no mistakes and always gets things done on time. He’s a seasoned executor like no other. This rare bird also has a passion for ornithology.

Annie-Pier Blain

Marketing and
market development manager
514 618-0744

Annie-Pier is our Marketing and Market Development Manager. Versatile, she is also in charge of human resources as CHRP. You’ll have the opportunity to see her at industry events!

Annie-Pier is our ambassador! Attached to her city, Trois-Rivières, as much as to the company, our Snow Queen battles the winter elements to carry out her mission.

Wei Lin

Operations manager
514 777-8915

Wei is our Operations Manager. Her engineering background makes her a definite asset to Servitek FOUSSIER. With Chantal and Stéphane under her wing, Wei oversees the management of logistics, inventory, transport and quality.

Wei is our Swiss Army knife! Fluent in Mandarin, French and English, Wei resolves many situations at Servitek FOUSSIER. She is most proud of her daughter, to whom she passes on her passion for these languages, her taste for the international and her open-mindedness.

Chantal Boisvert

Warehouse technician, Quality controller
1 800 870-6692 ext. 233

Chantal is our experienced quality controller and warehouse technician, having been with us for over 15 years. She is responsible for quality control and tekCARE certification.

Chantal, a great canine lover, is also an avid painter. With her attention to detail, she’s just as talented at ensuring the quality of our products as she is at painting a work of art!

Stéphane Desrosiers

Logistics operator
1 800 870-6692 ext. 241

Stéphane is one of our logistics operators. With Chantal’s help, he manages transport and inventory.

He’s the group’s big-hearted grump. He’s moved by the loves of his life: his two cats, his 21-year-old girl whom he pampers (a 2002 Honda Civic), not forgetting his beloved daughter.

Dawid Kedziora

Technical applications specialist
1 800 870-6692 ext. 250

Dawid is our Technical Applications Specialist. Got a question? Dawid has all the answers! Drawing on his experience in our company and his engineering background, he develops new solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Dawid is a real MacGyver. An avid kayaker, climber and hiker, he speaks three languages: Polish, French and English. He also understands Russian, but doesn’t understand Russians. He likes to think about twenty things at once. With Dawid, we rarely tackle the simplest subjects, but it always works out in the end!

Adrien Loriaud

Process digitization manager
1 800 870-6692 ext. 226

Adrien is in charge of process digitization. His mission is to ensure the management of technological change within the company, which he succeeds in doing with brio. Trained as an engineer, Adrien’s analytical skills enable him to contribute to many of the company’s other projects.

Curious, hard-working and an excellent communicator, Adrien is our half-angel, half-intern who has come down from heaven to save us!

Christine Issa

Accounting and Administrative manager
1 800 870-6692 ext. 224

Organized and attentive, Christine is our Accounting and Administrative Manager. Full of initiative, she handles a variety of tasks within the company. If you drop by our head office, Christine will undoubtedly be the first to welcome you.

Infinitely organized and proactive, Christine would be a star wedding planner! She looks after us, taking care of the day-to-day running of the company, always with a smile and a great deal of kindness.

Alain Rhéaume

Purchasing manager
1 800 870-6692 ext. 246

Alain is our Purchasing Manager. He makes sure that our customers have everything they need by keeping a close eye on our suppliers. He works closely with the Operations and Quality departments to ensure efficient supply management.

Alain knows everything about the company and has a very good memory: he can quote product references by heart! Even if no one has ever checked, it’s very impressive. A great naturophile, he also loves his city, Quebec and the French language, but not the snow.

Christiane Filiatrault

Production team leader
1 800 870-6692 ext. 230

Christiane is our production team leader. Her job is to supervise the work of Sarah and Diana, and to ensure that the manufacture of our Servitek® products runs as smoothly as possible. The three of them form a meticulous team concerned with production quality.

High-spirited Christiane doesn’t like sitting behind a desk. It’s all about movement! She’s passionate about abstract paintings, housework (the cleanliness of the workshop proves it) and interior design (we’ll be commissioning her for our future premises).

Sarah Lacasse

Versatile operator
1 800 870-6692 ext. 230

Sarah, one of our two multi-skilled operators, performs many tasks related to the production of Servitek® products, specializing in ProTek sealing plates and PolyTek weatherstripping.

The youngest member of the team, Sarah particularly appreciates a good manicure, and loves animals in general, but especially her cat, who is a veritable Sphinx in the land of the Pharaohs.

Diana-Elisabeth Villagran Trevino

Versatile operator
1 800 870-6692 ext. 230

Diana is one of our two multi-skilled operators, carrying out many tasks related to the production of Servitek® products, specializing in ProTek sealing plates and PolyTek weatherstripping.

Diana is our Spanish teacher! She excels in Mexican cuisine and enjoys sharing with her colleagues and friends sincere exchanges… as long as you’re always ready to laugh!